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Learning Environment and Sources

To meet the needs of the courses, relevant journals, books, and software are regularly updated and announced every semester. The journals include Accounting Research Monthly, Accounting Monthly, Accounting Review, Currency Observation, Credit Rating, and so on. Books include international, American, and Taiwanese Financial Accounting Standards, Auditing Standards, and various kinds of books related to accounting and auditing. The software includes Taiwan Economic Journal (TEJ), Compustat, and statistical software (SPSS, SAS). Regarding the funds for books and periodicals, the Department allocates funds to the university library while providing a list of recommended books every year. The list of books and journals is helpful for students’ general understanding of practice during professional training in different subjects.


Concerning hardware equipment, the Department provides projectors, laptops, amplifiers, extension cables, single-head projectors, remote controllers, connecting cables, and other equipment for students to use in class. Students could sign up on the “Student Borrowed Equipment Registration Form” and borrow the necessary equipment required in class.


In addition, the Computer Center and College of Management provide several computer classrooms. Depending on the size of the computer classrooms, there are more than 40 computers and sufficient printers for students to use. When students need to use the printers, they only need to log in with student ID, which already contains a limited number of papers they are allowed to print. There are two photocopiers, one printer, five desktop computers, and one paper shredder for both teachers and students to use.


The classrooms listed are especially for the courses within the Department:

(1) 2 small-sized classrooms with 30 seats (C127, C133)

(2) 1 middle-sized classroom with 60 seats (D123)

(3) 2 large classrooms with 80 seats (C135, C141)

(4) 1 professional conference room with 30 seats (D109)

(5) 1 computer classroom with 40 seats (C205)

(6) 2 research laboratories for postgraduate students (B403, C428)

(7) ACC English Corner provides more than 50 sets of English test books for teachers and students of the Department to borrow.